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BOT Pokemon GO Latest Necrobot Latest Update (PC)

BOT Pokemon GO Last Necrobot last Update – yesterday's days ago, Pokemon GO officially presented in the various countries of the Asian region, belongs to Indonesia. Before the release, Niantic never meperbuat a bit of security changes on the server. This factor is made to cope with the server is not down because too rarely does little player who wears a third party app to access server Niantic. Perhaps I belong to one of the culprit??.

It affects a third party app sort of BOT Pokemon GO as well as the scanner could not access server Pokemon Pokemon GO??. But the developer API commonly used third-party app to access server Pokemon GO hasn't given up. Today, they have been successfully raise his FIRE working again. With the return of the entrance to the server, developers began to wear the last API so that the app they can be worn again, Necrobot is no exception.

BOT Pokemon GO Last Necrobot Last Update

A BOT is a program of illegal and hated players that play with the way the fair cause could destroy the balance in game??
Necrobot is one of the BOT Pokemon GO which is designed in such a way so as not to experience the softban while wearing it. One of the advantages of Necrobot is a fairly small file size, many new features, as well as a practical usage.

Features Of Necrobot:
  • Login to wear PTC/Google
  • Grab an object on the map as well as items in inventory
  • Looking For A Gym/Pokestop/Pokemon
  • Take the item at Pokestop
  • Catch A Pokemon
  • Wearing a berry/pokeball
  • Automatic transfer Pokemon with the same type
  • Evolve Pokemon
  • Throw out items that are not more berkegunaaan so that the slot is not full
  • The BOT progresses like a man
  • Path of travel can be arranged
  • Stop the softban
  • Auto update
  • The language can be replaced
  • Wear your Lucky Egg time evolve
  • Automatic egg
  • Various BOTS can be run by way of a coexisting
  • Snipe Pokemon
  • Power up Pokemon
  • Video tutorials Download and Configuration Necrobot

Video Tutorials Necrobot

How To Use BOT Pokemon GO Last Necrobot

DO WITH YOUR OWN RISK! Any risk associated with usage tips outside of the responsibility of the AndroidK7
Necrobot latest version underwent a slight change in the configuration, more practical than the previous version.

Download the last version of NecroBot passing through the link below. Extract the files download results, as well as run the file URNecroBot.exe.

Necrobot requires the .NET Framework, install/update .Net Framework comrades when requested.
When first started, his friends would be asked to meperbuat setup directly from the app. type y and press enter to continue.

If want to change the language, type y and then press enter.

Fellows can choose various language there is, for the Indonesian Language, type id and press enter.

Choose an account type that my friends use Google accounts, google, type for the Pokémon Trainer Club type ptc, and then press enter.

Enter your Google account email alias username PTC (according to the previously selected), and then press enter.

Next enter the password, and then press enter.

Fellows may choose to use the default location Necrobot, alias chose the location latitude and longitude favorites by typing y and press enter.

Getting to know the latitude and longitude, go to Google Maps and click on a location.

Latitude and longitude would be shown at the bottom. In the example above, latitudenya is-7.982316 and longitude 112.630900.

Enter the latitude to Necrobot, and then press enter.

Next enter the longitude, and then press enter.

The Setup is over, wait for the login process, as well as the BOT would take place as well as all activities would be shown in text form. Fellows can let the BOT work as well as other activities.

The default settings for this version is the first priority for Pokemon with the CP at large to keep than Pokemon with large IV.

When his friends prefer Pokemon with large IV, set the configuration by editing the config.php file located in the folder json Config. On the stage of "PrioritizeIvOverCp", replace became true. Other configuration remains the same with the version sebelunya, comrades can be set according to your needs.

Update: Tackling The Question Of No Pokestop

Remember, use this tool carefully!??

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