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How To Returning Account Pokemon Go Soft Banned

How To Returning Account Pokemon Go Soft Banned - Game Pokemon Go is a game developed by, many users are attracted and ultimately play Pokemon games go on Android and ios smartphone owned. Since its inception, the games that use Augmented Reality technology or games that highlight the real impression is increasingly more popular. Pokemon Go can be played on Android and ios devices, to receive or catch Pokemon you have to walk a considerable distance. Therefore, many users have begun to feel tired due to catch Pokemon, battle got Pokeball we should visit the locations that have been determined by the

To overcome these problems a lot of articles that provide tips and tricks about Pokemon games go, one of which is the use of bots or cheat. As a result of the use of cheat and how to cheat, not infrequently many users Pokemon accounts banned, but do not worry because Androidk7 has already admin tricks summarized in the following review.

How To Returning Account Pokemon Go Soft Banned
How To Returning Account Pokemon Go Soft Banned

How To Easily Overcome Pokemon Go in the Banned Account (Soft Banned)

  1. The first step is to download and install masterball v.1.1
  2. Subsequently, extract with WinRAR application or the like.
  3. Then open USER.XML file using Notepad ++ application and enter your username (email) and password account used to play Pokemon Go. If you do not already have Notepad ++, please find out on the internet.
  4. Then Save.
  5. Open the application MasterBall.exe.
  6. So automatically Bot Pokemon Go will run and do unsoft banned.
  7. Wait until there is a written notification or Done. That means the process of removing soft banned Pokemon Go has been completed .
Note: The characteristics of the affected accounts go soft pokemon are banned can not catch pokemon, Pokestops and Gyms Fake Missing caused by the use of GPS.
Thus this article on Tutorial Return Account Banned Pokemon Go Soft may be useful guys.