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How to Play Pokémon Go on a PC with Nox App Player

How to Play Pokémon Go on a PC/Laptop with Nox App Player - AndroidK7 - As we know, the current Pokémon Go has mastered almost all the culture in the world. No exception in the world, Although Pokémon go, has not yet been presented with the official way in our country. But it has not the least that play this game. The results are not rare Pokémon Go server is experiencing interference. I so enjoyed the game Pokémon Go. Because the main Pokémon Go we were required to get out of houses and streets. In this way, we also designate burn calories as well as-as "exercise". But not everyone likes out of the House just to simply play Pokémon Go. Perhaps because the lazy aka again ill aka again work as well as others. Solutions for the males out of the House it could finally be solved with tutorial play Pokémon Go with or "fake GPS" aka looks like. Aka as a tutorial in which I discussed yesterday. I.e. tutorials main Pokémon Go in PC aka Windows-based laptop computer. With this tutorial, you stay sweet sitting in one place, and you live to enjoy cheating. Shooter tutorial main Pokémon Go like this so injuring fair play. I make one more account until Pokémon Go just to make this tutorial. My Pokémon account Go I still play with a tutorial that is not cheating!

How to Play Pokémon Go on a PC with Nox App Player

Okay just go ahead, so that could play Pokémon Go on the PC. You are obligated to download android emulator named NOX App Player. This is the easiest tutorial to play Pokémon Go on the PC. Even Nox has been providing Player App app Pokémon Go in an emulator. Please download Nox App Player DOWNLOAD HERE.

After the Nox App Player downloaded, please install on your PC. After installed run the game Pokémon Go. PC hardware spec would be so influential in running Nox App Player.

Play Pokémon Go on a PC

Because Pokemon Wear your GPS for hunting Pokemon. Then you are obliged to enable a feature called "Virtual Location" by pressing CTRL + 3 or to click the segregation that exists in addition to the sidebar. The virtual location useful for GPS at Pokémon cheats go. In this way, we can play Pokémon Go on Asus Zenfone in any country as well as to any location without getting out of the House!!

Play Pokémon Go on a PC

For example today I want to hunt in the area of Taman Mini Indonesia because it had not a bit Pokestop. Okay, please search for your favorite hunting location of Pokémon in the Virtual location search bar, then click "geocoded". If could have been its location you can shift the Red pin. To lock the location, please click "OK" at the bottom left the corner. Happy hunting!!

Play Pokémon Go on a PC

We can move the characters with a keyboard with the keys A, S, D, W by way of default. To set keyboard keys to click Simulate touch (CTRL + 1) > Drag to create a control element > then please you the settings keyboard keys anywhere you'd like to use for moving the characters as well as SAVE.

To move the location of the shear-sliding pin please red by the poke stop-like layout, and then click OK. My advice, please move location by the way little by little so impressed as it progresses. When you find errors like "GPS signal not found" try close app Nox App Player and then run again.

In my experience, rarely do not move-move the location with the place far away in time. Like right now I am playing Pokemon Go in Taman Mini, then with how all of a sudden we moved to New York that in fact have the time difference so far from our computer system. If we do not move-pinda was rarely a location far away, your account could Go we got Pokemon Soft Banned.

Earmarks account on which Pokemon Go soft banned is like we pop over to PokeStop. Then we muter wheels in poke stop, but do not remove any items such as the Pokeball aka looks like. Then when we tried to arrest Pokemon, we routinely fail then blurred when Pokemon Pokemon that we capture has low CP.

The safest way, before we open the game Pokemon Go. Our first set of Virtual Location was setting to where we wanted. Then run the Pokemon Go. Move your character wears a button keyboard so that our roads seem real.

Here's a video tutorial as well as my experience in playing Pokemon Go on PC

Okay, that's the tutorial on how to play Pokémon Go on Windows based PC/laptop. So far, using Nox App Player indeed the easiest way even than the Bluestack or such. NOx App Player already in the bundle with the game Pokémon Go. And the coolest thing is already equipped with the Virtual location that allows us to hunt Pokémon in the various country and locations around the world without the out House! But if you upheld the sportif you will not use this way.